My goal as an instructor is to create an open, engaging, and inclusive learning environment that centers respect, stimulates critical thinking, and encourages active participation. I am transparent with students about the fact that I have high expectations for them, and I believe I am not doing my job if they are not challenged to learn and grow. But I am also determined to support them in rising to the occasion.


There are many well-documented reasons to worry about the validity and value of student evaluations of teaching. I have found them largely helpful, however, and I am happy to share available anonymized evaluations here: A sample of the comments from student evaluations that have been most meaningful to me are:
  • "Haley gives constructive, specific, and honest feedback. . . . Whenever I turned in a piece of writing, she left several, long comments and questions which challeng[ed] me to think deeper about what I ha[d] written. Her feedback was always insightful, she made me think about things that I would not have considered. She challenged me to think about my ideas from a new perspective. She pushed me to develop a critical mindset." (Philosophy of Law, Writing-Intensive Section, Spring 2024)
  • "She expected us and taught us how to think like lawyers which is invaluable in a legal studies course." (International Law and International Relations, Fall 2023)
  • "The constant reminders in section 'make sure to cite evidence, and have a clear opening statement, and come to office hours to ask questions' have made me become a more engaged student in my other classes because I felt like I had more confidence (by virtue of more understanding) to do well on assignments." (International Law and International Relations, Fall 2023)
  • "The cold–calling method of engagement kept me on my toes, so it challenged me to stay on top of the readings and lecture topics. Haley also maintains a very organized and intuitive approach to discussion topics that successfully conveyed the information she wanted to impart upon us." (Foundations of Legal Studies, Spring 2023)
  • "Haley answered any questions we had from lecture, gave great feedback for our papers, was overall very knowledgeable of the material, and really helped me understand the concepts from our readings which helped me write better essays." (History of Political Theory, Fall 2022)
  • "Haley is great at prodding and expecting evidence to back up an opinion. I developed the skill of using the law or real–world examples to back up my arguments." (Human Rights, Research and Practice, Spring 2022)
  • "Exemplifies clear passion for both the material and students, which was strongly felt throughout the course. Always made time to be available as a resource, and truly cared about students as people too." (Theories of Law and Society, Fall 2021)